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Dodgy pole

The group of houses where I live is served by about five telephone poles. The houses connected to four of the poles get Infinity speeds of around 10-14MB - and the predicted speeds are a close match to the actual achieved. The houses connected to the fifth pole barely get 1.5MB (it has steadily dropped from about 5MB a year ago) - which is also within the range of what the BT Infinity availability service predicts. This pole is not at an extreme end - its almost in the middle of the hamlet.


People have complained but are told that as the speed is within the predicted bounds (what it now says - not when the services were installed) there is no fault so nothing will be done. Yet it is obvious that there must be a problem with connections at the pole or the cable running to it. Is there any way to get someone to look at an issue like this? 

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Re: Dodgy pole

Openreach don't replace stuff that is working within acceptable limits which unfortunately includes predicted speeds over the network. Given that the speeds you and your neighbours get are within the limits you will get the proverbial two fingers from Openreach ,albeit politely.


The decline in speeds may be due to cross talk as the cabinet has been filling up  see this


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