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Does BT care about helping customers

If some can help me out or push me in right direction ...thanx

Before BT i was with aol on a 512k when BBand first started the went 1mb then 1.5mb , was with aol for 4-5 yrs

when i moved to bt ( dec 2008 ) i had a 1.4mb speed for 3 months then dropped to stable 1mb for 9months....on 16 dec 2009 i renewed my contract but was changed from 12months to 18 months , then on dec 29 my problems started phoneline went down with way too much noise ....


For 2010 ive possibly only had 1-2 months hassle free broadband , in feb i had 2 engineers here allday and couldn't get the line to sync then about 30mins after they left it finally sync'd

In november my line was swapped with a neighbours ( a known good line ) to see if that would fix problem , before swap was getting 750k .......after swap line dropped to 250k


It is now feb 2011 and im still fighting to get my 1mb back to try is fixed line cause max just seems more hassle than its worth , last night on phone to bt they tried to drop my noise margin ( has been sitting at 17.3db ) went as low as 9-10 then back to 17


Whenever i call bt the 1st thing they say is that its the length of my line thats causing problems , yet it wasnt when i had 1mb ......IN the push fro faster broadband and infinity my speed seems to be getting worse

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Re: Does BT care about helping customers

It might be a good idea, bpsback, if you could post some line stats from your router. If you are using the HH then typing <return>


into your browser should take you to your router and then a search through the menus there will lead you to the line stats somewhere (can't be more specific as I don't use the HH - a search on this forum might give you more info).


You might also like to draw the attention of the moderators to your problem by e-mailing them at


You should include your account number and a link to your original post in the e-mail. The link you need is shown in your browser's address bar but for convenience it is:


Your stats should help the experts on this forum give you some tips if possible.



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Re: Does BT care about helping customers

The simple answer to your question is:-  If you can get around 15Mbps internet then BT will be upgrading your line soon so you can get 40Mbps,  If however like me you can only get a max of 0.25Mbps, they don't really care and make as many excuses as they can for a poor service but ultimately do nothing.


You may also find,as I have that they will lie through their teeth,  last week I got a leaflet through the post advertising super fast broadband.  I asked BT if this means we are getting upgraded and they said no.  I asked how they plan to provide super fast broadband and they said that if I go back to BT I will get around 10Mbps.  This soon changed when I told them that the most my line can handle is 1Mbps but due to the distance, we can only get 0.25Mbps.  The reply was '0.25Mbps is fast'.  Why do they treat us like idiots?

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Re: Does BT care about helping customers

Tony I'll tell you why BT treat us like idiots mate.




Just look around the forum and see how many people constantly defend BT, bearing in mind they have never been with another supplier, so they think that 4meg BT gives them is great, even if swapping isp could get them 12meg.


There seem to be alot of customers stuck in the past.

Customers happy to pay alot and get a little.


I have been lied to plenty of times by BT, the last time was last week when I was trying to get a hub 3 sent out, a 'customer service' chap told me BT dont even have a HUB 3 in its possesion yet, let alone giving them out, I pointed him towards this forum, and, his reply?

Call disconnected!!!!


Need I say more!

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Re: Does BT care about helping customers

Why doesn't somebody step in to stop BT lying about speeds people can get?  I know that Ofcom have recieved several reports of this from me and people I work with. 

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