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Does a second line need its own master socket?

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We had a BT engineer setup a second phone number when we moved into our new property last year. At the time he said the job was harder than he expected. I have finally got round to opening up some sockets as I am thinking of adding broadband to my second line.


The original phone line uses blue/white wires around the property connected to 2 and 5. All the sockets also have the orange/white lines connected to 3 and 4. (Not sure what these orange lines are for yet - if used at all). All of these go via an master socket (old style not NTE5)


It looks like the engineer took the green wires and connected them directly to the green wires internally without them touching the master socket. In slave sockets these are simply joined together and do not go into any socket pins.


The only socket where the green wires are used is in the socket for the second line where they go into 2 and 5. This socket is another slave and not a master socket.


So does a master socket need to be added to this? It looks like I have a phone line (green wires) directly connected to the BT line in and it by-passes the master socket. The phone works fine but not sure about adding broadband.

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Re: Does a second line need its own master socket?

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Hi and welcome.

It does look as though the engineer has extended the second line through the wiring of the 1st line by using the spare wires, a practice that was done a few years ago.

The second line 2hould have a master socket connected to 2 and 5 for it to work correctly.

The orange/white wires connected were used for the ring circuit for terminal 3 and an earth wire for terminal 4.


You can remove the wires from term 4 as that is not used, you could try to disconnect the wires on 3, this could give you an increase in BB speed, but may stop certain models of older phone from ringing.

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Re: Does a second line need its own master socket?

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Thanks for the quick response. I thought as much. Now the fun begins. As this was installed by a BT engineer do I have the time/energy to argue BT should come out and fit a master socket for free or just accept a callout charge. Thanks all the same.

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