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Does anyone know how I go about getting a social telephony tag removed?

Hi all,

Please forgive me but I’m new to this forum or to any for that matter as I’m not techie in the slightest. My issue is that I’ve been a BT customer since the year dot. On being made redundant I needed to drastically look at my finances. My phone bills seemed to be very high indeed however not through calls but through the line rental and phone rental ( that I was being charged for at the time) anyway I told them to take their phone back as it had been costing me £4 per month) heaven only knows what Id paid over the years for a bog standard landline phone (this was before the days of fancy phones with caller display, intercoms and all that it was simply an ordinary handset!) Anyway in the process of doing this I became aware of BT basic and was told I was eligible for it And that I could keep the phone ( how very good of BT for nothing)!!!


By this time the internet was just becoming something that people were using from home via broadband (yes this is how long ago it was) and as I was now not working but wanted to stay in contact with colleagues I wanted this so as to aid my job search. I was told that I would need to take this separately as it wasn’t available with BT basic so I had to pay full price for it. It started  at £16.00 a month when I first took it for a small amount of data but it was enough for me. It has continued to rise in price to an extortionate amount far beyond that of other packages that now include line rental. In short I’ve been paying £30 per month for broadband AND then paying £15 per quarter for line rental! Needless to say I’ve decided to move to another provider all together. However to minimise disruption (or at least I thought so ) I chose to move to Plusnet - it seemed to have good reviews for cust service, offered a good deal and no price rises during my contract.

Signed up, they took an initial payment  on 10th Aug and gave me a date of 29th for changeover date and said would email me with further details. Dates came and went and I heard nothing, received nothing and at times was unable to get any support from online as service down. The only thing I have had during this time is a slower internet connection and drop off. Finally got through to some one yesterday who has informed me that because of a tag attached to my line they are unable to take over my service. Apparently they ve attempted to place an order through open reach and it keeps getting rejected and I now need to ask my current provider to remove this “social tag” so that they can take over as my service provider so that I can keep my existing number. 


I have a disabled son and need a landline for emergency situations. Though I have a mobile I don’t ever want to be in a situation where I can’t get a connection or anything like that so I’ve always continued to keep my landline and same number for continuity. Plusnet are talking about me paying for a new line to be installed with a different number which I do not feel is  or should be necessary. I cannot understand why a company would have a package that makes it difficult to transfer services to another provider so there must be a way for this tag to be removed surely???


has anyone else heard of this surely I cannot be the only person moving from BT basic to another provider. If you ve successfully done so could  you advise how you achieved it or which provider you moved to that didn’t involve all this complication please.



Thank you for bearing with me!

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Re: Does anyone know how I go about getting a social telephony tag removed?

Did you ever manage to get this sorted out?

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Re: Does anyone know how I go about getting a social telephony tag removed?

@3rdnfscouts This is 4 years old, and with only 1 post, i guess that they did, as have never been back