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Does cold weather cause higher noise on the line?

My BT problems are back, coincidentally right after I have recontracted (option 3) for £19.99 p/m.


I'm plugged into the (brand new) test socket, with a brand new adslnation microfilter. Checked no electric cables nearby etc...


Until a couple of days ago, the mod StephanieG had sorted my connection so I was running at a stable 8012 downstream with a noise margin of 6.


I've had (obviously) several resyncs in the last 2 days; see stats below.


Now I've been through *all* this before - have completely eliminated any wiring faults/home induced noise, the hub is in its own room even(!) by the master socket, i'm on a down attenuation of 27 which is completely capable of sustaining 8012 downstream on ADSL 20CN (grr) - why is this happening?


As I have said, I have just recontracted so I (was) reasonably happy with BT, especially since 21CN should finally, after several dates being put back, be installed at the Ripon exchange by 30/05/2011. But I'm now in a new contract including this stupid system of DLM and bras/IP profiles where the slightest problem buggers my connection.


So all I'm left with to go on is instability with the BT line itself. I'm running off a communal pole serving 10 other properties (all in the same terrace), I am only 50m from the old-style BT cabinet. All should be OK - is it the weather (it's -1 now) that is causing the induced noise? Or is it a line fault? I've noticed that the disconnects appear to happen at night.


ADSL line status

Connection information
Line stateConnected
Connection time0 days, 14:06:08
Downstream6,656 Kbps
Upstream448 Kbps
ADSL settings
ModulationITU-T G.992.1
Latency typeFast
Noise margin (Down/Up)12.3 dB / 28.0 dB
Line attenuation (Down/Up)27.0 dB / 18.0 dB
Output power (Down/Up)19.8 dBm / 12.3 dBm
Loss of Framing (Local)11
Loss of Signal (Local)1
Loss of Power (Local)0
FEC Errors (Down/Up)0 / 0
CRC Errors (Down/Up)552 / 2147480000
HEC Errors (Down/Up)nil / 0
Error Seconds (Local)4313
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Re: Does cold weather cause higher noise on the line?

Temperature only affects copper phone lines, insomuch as they contract in length ... and expand in length during the summer months ... with resulting small changes in line attenuation.


What tends to affect broadband lines more than anything, is wet, often because of poor jointing, joint corrosion, bad connections etc. because of oxidation .... causing high resistance line faults.

Sometimes the odd line box gets swamped if weather is really bad, and connections submerged.

Gel filled connections are used to alleviate oxidation problems, but sometimes fail.

Tree branches or anything touching or brushing phone lines can cause problems.

Anything that increases the elevation of line noise will deplete broadband throughput.


Having said all that .... it was designed to be transmitted down copper lines, at varying levels of quality using

robust line algorithms ... one of which is interleave, to correct line noise errors ....


It appears yours has been turned off.    😉

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Re: Does cold weather cause higher noise on the line?


Cold weather without any other climatic problems can reduce Transmission/Line noise (thermal noise), but remember the British weather. Smiley Indifferent


Autumn: cool, damp, misty,wet

Winter: cold & ditto

Spring: As be Autumn


Summer?? a mixture & may be dry.


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