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Does the HH6 support IPV6 via Lan or just Wireless?

Hey all!


So I've noticed recently that IPV6 went live and Im able to use it via wireless but not via LAN, is there any way I can configure the Home Hub to do this? because I SHOULD be able to use it Via LAN but cant explain why Im unable to.



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Re: Does the HH6 support IPV6 via Lan or just Wireless?

You don't configure the Home Hub - BT does.  You might need to configure any devices connected to the LAN.

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Re: Does the HH6 support IPV6 via Lan or just Wireless?

Well my devices are set up for IPV6 as I was using it with a previous router and provider, the Wifi shows IPV4 and IPV6 but the lan only shows IPV4 as the supported conection type.


Im aware BT configure it but Im also aware some of the configuration lies with the consumer not the provider

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Re: Does the HH6 support IPV6 via Lan or just Wireless?

Correct, the configuration lies with both the provider and consumer. BT obviously needs to enable IPv6 on the Hub and other infrastructure, but the clients also need to have it enabled. Most OS have had it enabled by default for many years so for most consumers there's nothing to do.


As the Hub is the router for both the wired LAN and WiFi, if your clients on the WiFi are able to get an IPv6 address, the clients on the wired LAN should also be able to get an IPv6 address. The clients determine their own IPv6 address, but do so on the basis of an IPv6 Router Advertisement (RA) sent by the Hub. The same RA should reach clients on both the wired and wireless LANs.


You don't mention the client type (Windows, MAC etc.,) but make sure the wired LAN adapter is enabled for IPv6. For each network adapter, IPv4 and IPv6 can be enabled/disabled separately. 


If you have Windows clients, open a command line and run the command ipconfig /all and post the result here. You could also try the command netsh interface ipv6 show address and netsh interface ipv6 show neighbors. Check if you have an address starting 2a00, and if there's an entry in the neighbour list that has the words "Reachable (Router)" in the Type column.



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