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Dolby atmos on BT

I've just bought a new 55" tv and have been looking at getting dolby atmos soundbar to go with it but after reading reviews online, the only way to get dolby atmos surround sound is through a blueray player which I don't really want to get. Is there any way to get the feeling of bullets flying past your head just using the BT channels/ netflix etc?
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Re: Dolby atmos on BT

You should be able to get a decent surround sound system/sound bar that connects directly to your TV without the need to get a bluray player. It will connect either using bluetooth or HDMI to the TV.

A quick look at PC World or Richersounds web sites will bring up a few.

The Sony HT ZF9 with Dolby Atmos about £650 is worth consideration.

There are other systems available with prices from £450 to £1400 


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