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Double Data

When i applied for my broadband, Agent Jessi offered me (through the live chat) of taking the 20GB sim and promised that after activation it will double to 40GB data allowance per month of which I grabbed. To date, I can see my data has not been doubled as promised. Attached our conversation in the LiveChat. Please help.


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Re: Double Data

Are you on a BT Halo package?

As far as I am aware the double data on mobiles only applies to customers who have a BT Halo package.

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Re: Double Data

Im afraid im NOT on halo package. But that (doubling the data allowance) was i am offered as you can see in my attachment. Would you know how can i resolve this?

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Re: Double Data

You will need to call or wait to see if one of the mod team can assist.

There is nothing anywhere that I can find that supports the assertion that you get double data just for having an ultra fast connection, only if you have Halo on top of your broadband package.

So I think either a) this is a new offer and you will need help from someone at BT to get it activated or b) you have been given false information and you will need help from someone at BT to get it resolved.

Out of interest, when you log into "My BT" do you have an upgrade option to Halo for your broadband package? I have no idea if you can add it to an ultra fast connection of not.

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