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Downgrade Infinity 2 to 1 costs £200?!?

Just had an eye opening (and eye watering) conversation with the BT Customer Options team. 


This months bill for my Infinity 2 package came to £29.56 which is over £6 more than what I was paying back in June (£23.35, which included a £4.30 discount). As you can imagine, I wasn't too happy with an inflation busting 27% increase in my broadband bill, so I called Customer Options to downgrade to Ininity 1.


However, I was shocked (and appalled) to hear that this would cost me £200 because "I'm breaking a contract". Really? £200? How can such a charge be justified? The difference in price between Ininity 2 and Ininity 1 is £10/mth, and I have 8 months left of my contract, so BT would only be £80 out of pocket by my actions.


Is what I've been told correct? 


As a result of this call I've decided to stay on Infinity 2 until the end of my contract, after which I will be taking my custom elsewhere. Not happy!

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Downgrade Infinity 2 to 1 costs £200?!?

Phone back and you'll get a different operator who may well give you a different more agreeable answer.

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