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Downgrading package half way through contract.

Hi all,


We signed up to BT with Infinity 2, Entertainment and the YouView + box in late April. At the time it was affordable, but we're now looking at tightening our belt due to a redundancy in the family and a big drop in wages. The average amount we are paying (in the region of £70-£90 per month) seems a little excessive for services we're not really using. We're also only getting around 55Mb, so paying the extra £10 for 3Mb more with Infinity 2 doesn't really seem all that worth it.


Does anyone have any experience with downgrading? From what I've read, it will trigger another 12 month contract - which is absolutely fine as we don't have any service issues with BT. We're just a little concerned about any potential fees that might catch us out.


Our current package is evening and weekend calls with Entertainment TV, BT Sport, YouView + box and BT Inifnity 2.


The package we want to downgrade to is Starter TV, no calls package, no extra add-ons and BT Infinity 1 unlimited. That should be around £44 per month, which is considerably more manageable in our present circumstances.


 We're also looking at getting a new phone number too, as the phone number handover/port from Virgin Media didn't work in April when we switched, so we've basically had no incoming calls (only outgoing) on the BT line for months... It's a long story with Virgin blaming BT and BT blaming Virgin. We've had engineers out, spent hours on the phone, and now we're referring it to OFCOM. We've given up getting our old number working ever again, so we're looking just to start fresh.


Any advice would be much appreciated.



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Re: Downgrading package half way through contract.

The terms and conditions vary between services. Your best course is to call the Options Team on 0800 800 030 - I've always found them to be helpful and willing to discuss things in detail.

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