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Download and upload speeds are fine but high ping

I have had a long dispute with BT about my internet issues. Firstly, both speeds were all over the place and my ping was ridiculous. But now, it seems that my speeds are stable (for the most part) but my ping fluctuates ridiculously when playing games. I’ve never had this issue as bad as this, but since February I’ve had terrible issues. I have spent months trying to find the issue but have had no luck. During this dispute, I’ve had my router replaced to a new one but the issue remained present. I’ve had 2 different engineers come in and run tests, all saying that nothing is wrong. I’ve also had my line reset by a Set Rest Test? I thought the issue was due to other people using streaming services like Netflix and itv hub but my ping still fluctuates, even when nobody else is using the internet but me. 

I’ve seen some people be put on stable lines and find other solutions, so please, if anyone could help me I’d appreciate it. 

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Re: Download and upload speeds are fine but high ping

There is no fix for this issue atm if it's the same as everyone else is getting. I'm trying to get through to BT support and telling them what the issue really is. (Normal support keep putting it as Connection Dropped, or Slow Speed) then when talking to "Offline Support" they have no actual idea of whats wrong.

I've emailed them stating what the actual problem is and linking them to the many threads popping up on this forum but no response eyt.

Net step is to email the Chief Executive I think, seeing as we're getting no luck via normal channels. Might also think about going to some media outlets and seeing if I can get a response that way, since the issue lies solely within BT's network, even according to the 10 Engineers that have checked my line.

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Re: Download and upload speeds are fine but high ping

I’ve been in a huge dispute with an open case since February about the issue. I explain to the case managers and all they tell me is that they don’t guarantee ping but only the download speeds...

In my opinion it’s ridiculous. No matter what your download speeds are, fluctuating ping overrules the internet during its use. It’s nowhere near practical. 

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Re: Download and upload speeds are fine but high ping

Yeah you don't have to tell me... I think i'll also Tweet about the issue on a daily basis from now on, they'll probably be sick of me by the end of it but it's getting ludicrous now.

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Re: Download and upload speeds are fine but high ping

I'm having the same issue as you ping spikes happen all the day even during the day even when the NETWORK IS IDLE. My issue has been escalated to a BT specialist team and it's been 6 days now still ping spikes, at first I thought maybe it's due to peak times but no I'm getting pink spikes at 10 AM, 2AM in the morning as well. 

I posted on several forums and got rubbish responses such as buy a new router which I'm 100% sure it won't make any difference since the issue is within their server and network. 


It's been over 1 month now and I'm just staring at my PS4 whilst all my friends are gaming. I even cancelled several pre-orders because there is no point buying a game that I can't play. I'm now sticking with single player games for now until I see what are my options after the 10 days deadline finishes.


Playing fifa with an unstable ping is a nightmare, playing overwatch competitive with an unstable ping is asking to be permanently banned from Comp.

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