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Download is fine, upload has halved over the last few days.

Have been living in the new apartment for nearly two months now. Had BT Infinity 2 installed along with the HH5. We were getting 52mb down and 16/17mb up which was fine. Would have liked of course to have 75mb down and 19mb up but apparently we are about 500 metres from the cabinet and I guess being the top floor of three that also affects it so for now we have to be happy with what we have.


Problem we have now is for some unknown reason our upload speed has halved in the last few days. I did a speed check using the BTW performance checker BTW Performance Test and the download is fine but the upload shows we should be able to get a max of 20mb but we are currently seeing 10mb


It's probably no big deal in the scheme of things but given we pay the same as someone who get's 75mb down and 19mb up it does grate a little.


Anyone have suggestions as to why the upload speed would suddenly drop like this?


It's a wired connection by the way.

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Re: Download is fine, upload has halved over the last few days.

Hi kwpc1,


Thanks for posting. If you're having problems with the connection I'm sure we can help with that. If the speedtester won't run drop me an email with the details and I'll take it from there. You'll get the contact link in my profile.





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