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Downstream and Upstream being capped or throttled

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I signed up here to simply vent about all the issues I've been having recently- the most prominent one being the fact that my reported downstream and upstream on the router (and thus the actual speeds) are slower than what they were a few days ago.

Namely: downstream and upstream have gone from ~20Mbps and ~1Mbps (respectively), to ~15Mbps and ~0.7Mbps (respectively). This is a significant decrease for my heavy usage, and is unacceptable.

I can only consider a few reasons for this:

* I'm being throttled or capped due to me having rebooted my router (BT HomeHub 4) a few times to try and fix it. BT say "When you switch off the Hub, your broadband looks like it's disconnecting. This makes the line look unstable and the broadband speed may be automatically reduced to make the line more reliable. So it's best to leave your Hub on - even at night - to get the best speeds and performance." so I'm worried it's been reduced.
* Software on router is out of date: running version (Type A) Last updated 07/11/16 or the router is broken (I am being sent a new one)
* The fact that it is a weekend and maybe BT are performing some traffic management
* Other external issue

Either way, this is not good enough and I want to know why this is...
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Re: Downstream and Upstream being capped or throttled

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Welcome to this user forum.


Please read Why has my speed dropped

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