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Draytek 2850n



Just replaced my BT Hub 4 with an Draytek 2850n but my connection is worse than before Man Frustrated

Connection is like a yo-yo , sometime unbrowsable, ping timeout. Do I have to wait another 7 days for it to settle down again? or does it look like I have a connection issues?


Anyone see a issue from the below Status report? Does my SNR look high?


VDSL Status


Anyone with some 2850n tweaks would also be appreciated Smiley Happy


Many Thanks


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Re: Draytek 2850n

I don't know if it is your issue but I have always found Draytek support to be excellent.

This is from the latest firmware release notes -


For VDSL IOP issue, please contact for different VDSL firmware.
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Re: Draytek 2850n

Thanks , I did contact Draytek Support & they sent 2 firmwares to try. I plug the Draytek back in without updating the firmware and it looks like the issue I had looks much better. So it looks more like it's BT casuing some issue than Draytek atm.

I don't know how BT VDSL works but it does seem BT seem to be playing around with the settings or something.

If I disconnect my line to change router does BT auto detect it as a line drop and start changing my settings?





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Re: Draytek 2850n

One disconnection shouldn't affect anything. From those stats the line is in sync at 72Mb down/20Mb up so there's not much wrong there. If your pings are timing out try posting up some traceroutes to the same sites so we can have a look at where they are timing out. Remember, some websites/routers don't respond to pings so timeouts aren't necessarily something to worry about.

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Re: Draytek 2850n

your Actual Delay at 8ms upsteam and 6ms downstream can be a factor,as can the Actual IMP [Impedance] of 40/30 [4ms/3ms].

With those results 12ms is added to the latency [delay] on upstream and 9ms on downstream no matter what route you use.

Ideally the Actual Delay should be as near to zero as is possible,but upsteam is more important for gaming than downstream,and very small amounts of upstream bandwidth is needed for online gaming.

And your Electrical Length is quite long [high] at 6.9dB,have you done a quiet noise test on your line,it might be interference between you and the cab causing the yo yo effect.?


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Re: Draytek 2850n

Thanks for insight. Quiet Test sounded OK. My latest VDSL status looks much better , maybe DLM was at play initailly? but connections seem to be improving. Thanks


VDSL Status 08072013




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Re: Draytek 2850n

Yes! that is much better.:)

If you look at the max rate attainable line for is over 100Mbps and the upstream is really good too.

Those bad delay lines are at zero now,so the DLM is on your side at this time,I hope it stays that way for you.

It looks like you have been put on the fastpath setting by the DLM,but it might decide on a slightly lower reading when it settles in.

BTW, Electrical Length at 70 [7dB] is also great now.:)



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