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Draytek Vigor 2830Vn and Openreach Modem ECI 1b



BT have just changed my setup from HH5 to Openreach modem (ECI 1b) and HH4 on the understanding that I would be changing the HH4 for a Draytek Vigor 2830Vn.


(Prior to receiving Infinity, we used the Draytek router and found it had very good wifi coverage in our housse and also allowed/supported a static IP address for our printer/scanner. The HH5 had far worse wifi coverage and kept on losing the printer - we want to go back to the tried and trusted hoime network).


I am not a computer expert and I can't work out how to set up/modify the Draytek to connect to the modem. The Draytek manual says I should be using WAN2 as the input and that this needs to be set to 'ethernet'. Beyond that, I'm not sure what I need to do.


As is their usual helpful style, BT say this is not their problem and can't/wont offer any help.


Does anyone know how to set up the Draytek router?



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Re: Draytek Vigor 2830Vn and Openreach Modem ECI 1b

You need to go into the router management pages and set it as a PPPoE connection and the username needed is only use a pass word if the router asks for one. If it does you can use BT or anything you want.


See user guide page 22 onwards



As regards BT being unhelpful. It is because it is not their equipment and they can not be expected to know how to set up every type of router or spend time doing that especially when they have supplied one that does not need any knowledge to set up.