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Draytek Vigor Modem Set Up - Bridge Mode


We have FTTC and I have bought a Draytek Vigor modem to replace the old Huawei Echo. I have set the Vigor to Bridge Mode

The Vigor connects to a Synology AC2600RT router and a DS216 Diskstation but I am having problems getting the Diskstation to correctly set up and keep port forwarding rules on the router - something it should do automatically. The internet connection and everything else works fine.

The only thing that stands out to me as odd is that the Vigor has defaulted to running DHCP in bridge mode but I am already running DHCP on the router.

Is this right, should DHCP be off on the Vigor and get an IP from the Router?







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Re: Draytek Vigor Modem Set Up - Bridge Mode

The Vigor should be acting purely as a modem and not have a DHCP server running. Might be better asking on a Draytek group.

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Re: Draytek Vigor Modem Set Up - Bridge Mode

Thanks, thats what I thought. I will turn DHCP off and see if that fixes the issue.

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Re: Draytek Vigor Modem Set Up - Bridge Mode

How strange - I could almost be reading my own setup.

I have a Draytek 2762 as the modem, RT2600AC as the router and a DS918+ as my NAS.

The Draytek cannot be left in PPPOE mode, you need to change it to MPOA (or something like that). PPOE passthrough wont work. You need to use Full Bridge Mode. This effectively turns your router into a Modem and disables all routing and DHCP functionality. You will also lose access to the web interface at this point - I leave the Wifi on the draytek enabled just so I can get back into the web interface. I put the Draytek with IP address so it is clear of the 192.168.1.x subnet which I  use for my internal network.

I connect the WAN on the RT2600 to the LAN1 port of the Draytek. 

Not really sure if that answers your question - but these devices do run together nicely once you get the Draytek into the correct full bridge mode. 


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Re: Draytek Vigor Modem Set Up - Bridge Mode

Thanks Oakserver, I had it running in MPOA but hadn't turned DHCP of which I have done now - seems to be working ok. I have the Vigor 130, no wifi, so the only way I have found to get back to the UI is to connect PC to it directly using its 192.168.2.x subnet.

I'm a noob at networking but was wondering if it would be possible to give it a reserved IP from the router on 192.168.1.x to get network access to the UI?

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Re: Draytek Vigor Modem Set Up - Bridge Mode

You'll find a lot of useful information on the Draytek website but you have to create an account to access most of it.  Some modems have firmware specifically for BT equipment...pretty obvious but it's the firmware that has "BT" after the number.

There's no easy way to access the modem interface once it's in bridge mode and connected to the router.  I believe it can be done but it's not a trivial matter.

I also use the Vigor 130 with a Synology RT2600 and it's a good setup once you get it working.

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Re: Draytek Vigor Modem Set Up - Bridge Mode

I use the Vigor 130 modem in bridge mode with an Asus RT-AC67U router and have no problem accessing the Vigor admin page on - I just enter this address and it works.  I do have DHCP enabled on both modem and router without any problems - I believe this gives the router WAN interface an IP address of and the routing just works between my internal LAN network of 192.168.1.X and the Vigor modem on

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Re: Draytek Vigor Modem Set Up - Bridge Mode

That's interesting and thank you for the information.  I really can't remember the exact setup process but I can't get any further than the login screen now.  I think my modem may be on a different subnet to the rest of my system but I'm not 100% sure. My router is on  I don't really need to access the modem so I'll be leaving well alone!

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