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Drop out issues

We’ve been getting frequent unstable internet warnings and losing connection over the past week, especially during things like Zoom meetings. 
I just did the online troubleshooting tests and a fault was found. I have been asked to contact them. But, this is proving impossible. Due to the coronavirus, phone lines are understandably extremely busy. Is there an email address we can use to get an engineer out if necessary. 

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Re: Drop out issues

there is no email address you need to phone  if the problem is in your home then you will not get engineer visit

does your phone have a dial tone?  if so dial 17070 option 2  should be silent and best with corded phone  this is best done from test socket to eliminate your master faceplate and internal wiring

is it your internet that is dropping or just your wifi connection ?

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Re: Drop out issues

I’ve done the phone test. Some vague background noise.  Internet not just wireless. 
How do we proceed if nobody answers the phone? 

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Re: Drop out issues

BT have just messaged us to set up an engineer appointment as they found a fault. 
So, good service, I would say. 

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