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Drop-outs and slow speeds

Been having issues for a while now, called BT several times and eachtime they run tests, say it's fine and get me to restart my router. On restarting I get inconsistant results, sometimes it comes back up and takes my speed to 50+MB other times it stays at 2MB. Considering i'm paying for Infinity2 this is a complete joke.


On calling BT a 'techincal' support person called Connor made the following two statements which is a worry:


1. Sir you can't run both wired and wirless connections at the same time - you must use one or the other

2. Sir you need different networks for different band devices


I said to him this is wrong and shouldn't be advice given out and how come everything has been ok for the last three years to this point? I pointed out that the hub was set to switch automatically between bands. He said there should be different wireless networks that different speed devices should log-on to.


He then asked how many wireless devices I ran, I said around ten which he said was a lot. I pointed out that due to wired connections our load on wireless was considerably lower than the national average which must be three times what we are running. I also pointed out that when I had issues with speed I check things via a wired connection to make sure it was the broadband that was the issue.


Why are people giving out incorrect information????

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Re: Drop-outs and slow speeds

Hi Sanch3z


Welcome to the community forums. You can find trouble shooting and diagnostic steps here:


People here may be able to help here if you post the results to this thread. Do the speedtest with a wired device. The moderators work for BT and are super competant if given a chance to help out. As the performance is up and down, it may be worth collecting data when it's good and also when it's bad.


Some devices work better if you split the SSID's, ie have different network names for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands:


The advisor is likely new or still learning, appreciate that the advice has come across as a bit confused.


JFYI, the hub does not switch between bands, it is likely dual band and with automatic channel selection. The latter attempts to pick the best channel on a particular band given neighbouring networks. You may find manual inspection with a wifi analyzer app gives a different result and can manually configure a fixed alternative.


Hope this helps



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