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Dropping connection

Hi all, I have been having a few problems viewing web pages since this afternoon. I have had this problem once before and the modem had to be changed due to it overheating and eventually not allowing connection at all. Not being able to view websites was how this problem started last time and I am wondering if YET again my modem is on it's way out and will need changing. Basicly what is happening is that I'll go to look at a page and it will time out. I'll do a refresh and it will either load the page or it will just time out again. I am aware of the strikes in the US today but the sites I am looking at are not effected by this. One page being this forum. I have checked the automated messages and there doesnt seem to be any problems in my area but was just wondering if anyone else is having problems or if indeed it is down to the modem playing up again. Thanks in advance
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Re: Dropping connection


 Just to let you know that I have had no trouble at all with the Internet or loading web pages. If it is your modem I guess you will see it get worse like the last time.

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Re: Dropping connection

It seems to be ok now *knoks on wood* I just switched off the pc and modem/hub for 5 mins then back on again and it seems to of done the trick. I also called up the people fitting the new modems last night as I had recived a letter from them a few months back and not heard anything since. I found the letter and called them and a nice man came and changed the modem for one of the new ones earlier today. Keeping everything crossed that that will be the end of it now. Thanks for replying 🙂
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