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Dropping speed on Infinity 2

Hi all,

I know some of you will think 'I wish I had your problems', but I am getting somewhat pee'd off with BT and its attitude to its internet customers. I have been on Infinity 2 for a long time now - several years I think. All was well and good in the beginning. Yes I was getting the 70Mb + that I was told I would get and was paying for. But, little by little, over the last year or so my speed has been suffering the death of a thousand [small] cuts. Gradually, my line speed has been whittled down by BT until it now matches the minimum NOW offered out of a range of 55-71Mb quoted by BT's tester. So, what has changed? Nothing at my end, except for a new BT router about a year ago. Why have BT pared down the speed of my line? It's no good repeating the mantra that my speed is within the range offered. This is the range offered now and how odd that my line speed just matches the minimum. I am paying top whack for this and BT have just shoved the price up. It really is not acceptable. Which other industry would be get away with reducing the amount of product supplied despite an increasing cost and expect you to be thrilled that they serve you at all. What can be done about getting the product I am paying for? An answer from a specialist would be excellent. Thanks for listening. I hope someone will help.

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Re: Dropping speed on Infinity 2

The problem amongst Infinity customers that you speak of ... is a common one. There maybe a couple of things happening, and again common. Firstly as you are an old hand with Infinity, the contention on the street cabinet would have been low but as take-up increases it causes two issues. The primary one is crosstalk as associated copper pairs come together in the cab as they're bundled together for their patch to the fibre. The line algorithm will see the crosstalk and subsequently reduce the error rate with corrective actions but it does drop linespeed. BT have rolled out but not completed some new tools to combat crosstalk, namely vectoring which is effective up to about 800 metres from cab only ... but also G.INP a resend packet algorithm to maintain linespeed where possible but take corrective action to line errors. Depending on where you are both these things are coming onstream but it's taking time to implement. Because of the effects as stated speeds are quoted and calculated using percentile figures based on take-up and contention. Hope this helps, it's not a personal issue ... merely an effect of fibre gaining popularity. Having said all that, your linestats need to be healthy and in good order.
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Re: Dropping speed on Infinity 2

RoyBennett... Thak you for that post. It matches exactly my situation and thinking.  Sadly, I am unable to offer a solution or even add to the reply from RogerB.

I started out with a line profile speed of 77.42 - today it is down to 64. Whittled away in small bits by BT's equipment.  I know many would be happy to accept that as a good speed but the point made is that BT's infrastructure is degrading and they are unwilling to do anything about it.  I accept that the probable cause is "crosstalk"  but the company hides behind that as an excuse for poor quality equipment and/or poor installation techniques.  No doubt the electronics in the cabinets are the cheapest sh*te that BT can buy probably installed by an "engineer" who rreally doesn't give a toss.

Complain to BT? What's the point. After battling lengthy queues to get to speak to someone who can't speak decent English and whose sole purpose appears to be centred around  trying to convince me that the problem is a fault with my computer I hang up in despair.

Move to another provider?  Again no point they all use the same **bleep** equipment on the same **bleep** network.

BT advertise frequently on TV - wonderful "cheap" deals offering sparkling service and speeds. For new customers only....

What about some reward for those of us who have been customers for years and whose only rewards are degrading service.

They've got our money - time to ignore us now.

As I said - I can't help with a solution to the problem but, by God, it is good to have a rant!!

Kind regards.


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Re: Dropping speed on Infinity 2

Unless you have evidence that the kit is degrading or of poor quality, no one will take your comments with any seriousness.

VDSL is subject to crosstalk, which is the reason you're quoted a range of speeds when signing up.
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Re: Dropping speed on Infinity 2

Ah yes, the speed range excuse. When I signed up, some long time ago, my quoted speed range was 65-77mbps. Which I actually achieved. Now of course, I am being told my speed range is acceptable at 45-59mbps. Now given that the price I pay has increased year on year, but the service has fallen year on year, how to you justify the term 'acceptable'?

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Re: Dropping speed on Infinity 2


Of course I understand the reasons for being quoted a range of speeds - BT would be foolish to offer otherwise. But, let's remember that crosstalk is not inevitable in a correctly designed communications system - it is possible to engineer it out.


Having been around a similar industry - used to be nationalised, now privatised - for my working life I can be 99.99 percent certain that the equipment will be built "down to a price" rather than "up to a quality".   It's basic business.. The selection of  cheaper, lower quality equipment is weighed against the possible setbacks and consequences of its use.


I am not asking BT (or anyone) to take seriously my comments regarding the alleged quality of their equipment.


I'm asking them to fix the problem.

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