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Dtr t2100 - recording schedule frozen


   I cannot schedule a new recording, nor can I delete any existing scheduled recording.  I can watch recordings and the box will record new series entries that are already in the schedule.  If I use the App to schedule a recording I simply get an error message.

  I tried a factory reset (retain recordings) and this seemed to work for a few days.  It even added a few ghost entries in the schedule.  But it’s jammed up again.  The wife would go mad if I erased all of her Christmas recordings!

i have got a spare box, but of course this would still result in loss of recordings (unless I run two boxes until the faulty box is empty).

i have just looked at the scheduled recordings on the app and there is one that occurs in the past.  This suggests to me that the backend list of scheduled recordings is corrupt.  Also the app shows a shedload of scheduled recordings that don’t appear on the scheduled list on the box. Is there any way to get this wiped by YouView support?



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Re: Dtr t2100 - recording schedule frozen

From what you describe I suspect the only resolution would be a full factory reset of the Youview box.

you could try a further maintenance mode 4 reset of the Youview box although if your issues are as they seem related to the existing schedule and recording data , the resets that preserve that data are unlike to clear the problematical data.

You could see if anyone in the wider Youview community has any further suggestions.

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Re: Dtr t2100 - recording schedule frozen

I suspect that the schedule list is corrupt and a full reset would make sense.  But that would mean losing all the family’s Christmas recordings.  

I’ve  plugged in a second box and it is apparent that the schedule list shown on the box is only a small window on the schedule list proper - as witnessed by the larger list viewable in the YouView app.  

with the faulty box switched off, the list of recordings and schedule is still available in the App.  So it must be managed in a database somewhere.  Question- is this managed by BT or YouView?  Is there any support team I can call on?  I ceased my BT TV subscription about a year ago, so can’t see them being helpful.



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Re: Dtr t2100 - recording schedule frozen


Try over on the Youview forum here 

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