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Dual Band Wi-Fi extender 600

My house has a large extension with the electrics on a separate ring main.

From the ring main with a BT Hub 6 connected, I use a powerline BT range extender 600.

To obtain full wi-fi coverage  on the part of the house on the other ring main I use a Dual band Wi-fi Extender 600. This was configured to the Hub6 without problem using the WPS button and gives excellent coverage.

The wi-fi coverage from the powerline extender was not adequate, so to see if the Dual band Wi-fi Extender 600 would improve matters, I removed the Wifi Extender, used on the other ring main, and configured it to the WiFi from the powerline range extender using WPS: this gave adequate coverage.

I then attempted to re-configure the Dual band Wi-fi Extender 600 back to its original configuration using the signal from the Hub6 – and it won’t work correctly.  It boots up and gets the step where the ‘Too Close’ and ‘Too far ‘  lights flash together and will go no further in the set up procedure.

I have tried using ‘factory reset’ multiple times with both WPS and using the Ethernet cable – all to no avail. It will now not work correctly connecting to either the powerline extender or Hub6.

To cut a long story short I borrowed another Dual band Wi-fi Extender 600 from my son and that now exhibits EXACTLY the same symptoms – i.e. won’t progress past the ‘Too Close’ and ‘Too far ‘  lights flashing together.

Strangely the signal output from both extenders seems to be good despite the above.

Has anyone any ideas please?

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Re: Dual Band Wi-Fi extender 600

It may be the Wi-fi in the home has changed a little, I would recommend that factory reset the Wi-Fi Extender 600 and connect using the WPS method to connect, then move the extender halfway between the HUB and the Wi-Fi weak spot. Or follow method 2 to install so you can then see the signal strength you are connecting.
Remember to leave the extender a little to work out the average Wi-Fi strength say 5 minutes
It sounds like the Extender is having a WPS problem.

Method 2 see


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Re: Dual Band Wi-Fi extender 600

Thanks for your reply.
As I said in my post, I have the situation where qty 2 WiFi extenders now won’t connect either of two IPads to the internet using WPS to either the BT Hub 6 or the BT Home hot spot(Power line).
Bear in mind that initially they did connect using WPS, the problem only came when I attempted to switch them back to their original wi-fi source i.e from BT Hub 6 to Home hot-spot and Home hot-spot to Hub 6.
Both wi-fi extenders give a strong output, and both the IPads readily connect , but are not connected to the internet
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Re: Dual Band Wi-Fi extender 600

The detail provided is pointing to a WPS connection problem, I would recommend using method 2 to connect good luck.
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