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Dual Boot PC's

I have posted on another thread a solution to PC's dual booting Windows and Linux Distros, rather than point to the thread I have copied and pasted what I found...

I have been researching this dual boot issue and connectivity to the Hub, this just maybe a problem surrounding the network card rather than the Hub itself.


Each time a machine starts it activates components before the O/S is started, then they are used once those components are found by the O/S.


It appears in the case of Ubuntu (and other Linux distros) it does not release the network card when the O/S is shut apologies if this doesn't make didn't to me at first had to read the solution twice.


The thread is here it appears that you need to add an exclude option to the /etc/inet.d/networking, but the exclude option must include all your network connections that you are using, and that Ubuntu has found.  


I still believe once this is done that giving each O/S a static ip address may also be helpful.


I have an old laptop about 5 years not doing anything so I installed the latest Ubuntu distro, it has connected wirelessly to my v3 Hub with no problem at all, albeit the signal is somewhat low, I put that down to either the network card or the driver that Ubuntu has installed.