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Dual Sim

Will any of the current BT mobiles take two sims and will BT allow a second sim from another network?

I know BT Mobile is the budget option compared to EE, but I'm not sure if BT actively cripples features on their mobiles.

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Re: Dual Sim

No one tried this?

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Re: Dual Sim

It's your choice as to who you use for the second sim card.

I think you have to put the BT sim card in the priority (A) slot to obtain full BT services.
Another consideration is the extra load on the battery with 2 active  sim cards.

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Re: Dual Sim

Yes but the question is, if the phone is locked to BT will both sim slots be locked? This would mean that one of the main features of the phone would be disabled. 

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Re: Dual Sim

I've not tried it.

Your best bet would probably be to go into a BT or EE shop (before Thursday of course) or give them a ring

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Re: Dual Sim

You can go to BT Help "how do I unlock my phone or tablet". I'm not sure that if you buy a sim free phone from BT,  it's unlocked or locked. Clearly it's locked if you buy on a BT plan.

In my case the mobile Samsung A series mobile was bought sim free and there are no restrictions.


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Re: Dual Sim

Was hoping someone on here had a contract phone with BT and would know. I'll call BT, but I'm not holding out much hope the person that answers will know.
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Re: Dual Sim

I have the Samsung A71 and that’s dual sim, it is NOT unlocked and have had to call BT to sort this. After an hour on the phone and managers speaking to me even they said dual sim phones SHOULD be unlocked. Apparently they have to contact whoever they need to and TRY to get it unlocked, they did say this may get bounced back as you have to wait 6 months before attempting an unlock but due to circumstances they may do it. I honestly don’t know if it will get unlocked but they said if I don’t hear back within the 14 day cooling period I can still send it back after that as it’s not my fault it’s theirs. Speaking to someone before buying or contracting is pointless as the staff assume it’s unlocked and have no idea, not their fault but it’s pointless asking. 

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