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E-mail address has changed?

I have been a BT Broadband customer for many years and during this time my e-mail address has been - it now seems to have changed, without me being informed, to This is now resulting in me getting messages saying that the organisation cannot respond to my e-mail as they do not have this new address as my e-mail.  Can this be resolved ASAP and why has it changed - seems to have happened on e-mails I send since 16 June despite me always logging in with my address details

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Re: E-mail address has changed?

They are one and the same thing and are interchangeable.

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Re: E-mail address has changed?

Yes, I am aware of that and have at times used the @btinternet format as my address but I use the as my main one. I am logging in as but it then logs me in as and send emails from this address. This means that organisations do not recognise me and will not reply to my emails - how I can change it so that my emails still come from again?

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Re: E-mail address has changed?

If you are using webmail, you can't as far as I'm aware. It was only possible on the BTYahoo mail system, not the new BTMail system.

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