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E mail log in

I hope someone can help me with log in issues via the BT website.

I rarely log in via the bt site as I use my phone or email application on my macbook air so have no need.

Since BT forced us to change our BT user ID to our e mail address I have been unable to log in. I got in once a few weeks back but I am not sure what I did then but havent been able to get in since.

I dont think its a password issue as my laptop and phone are accessing e mail no problem.

When I attempt to log in using the e mail link on the bt homepage the page just refreshes in a loop and goes no where, I get no message it just refreshes.

I have cleared all cookies and tried differnet browsers but no joy. I have attempted to use the change password option bu that just takes all the details, sends me a verification code and then says " there has been a problem try again later"

I have tried logging in over the past few weeks and always the same problem.

Last week I used the Chat function to ask for help and they told me there was a known issue and they were sorting it.

I really dont want to phone ( after that experience with my tv box resulted in me spending 3 hours then another hour on the phone and having to complain before it was resolved) I would rather change providers than call them again.

Can anyone suggest where I can get any proper support?


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Re: E mail log in

Hi, welcome to the forums.

As it happens, BT didn't specifically force users to use an email address as the BTID - I don't. To do certain things, this is needed.

What happens when you try the following email access link :-

naturally make sure that you are using the same password as the clients. If you have changed password at all in the past few months, and can recall it - try that one.


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