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Re: E-mail password rejection

Hi Guys,


We wanted to update you on the email password pop ups issue some of you have been experiencing. Last month Yahoo completed a piece of work which involved migrating the affected mail server farms. Since this migration work was done we have completed extensive testing and no further issues with POP or IMAP have been found. As a precautionary measure the remaining mail server farms have also now been upgraded.

There may still be cases where individual customers continue to have problems, and this could be connected with the mail clients used, if you do continue to experience any issues please get in touch so we can help you. We do not believe the problems now reported are linked to any wider issues as our testing has not replicated this.

We have decided to lock this thread as the original issue has been resolved and there may be confusion with new individual issues linking to this when the issue is something different.

Big thanks to all who posted on this thread or emailed in with info to help us investigate this and progress the server migration work.

If anyone is still experiencing issues with Yahoo mail please feel free to start an individual thread with your problem and you can get help from the community, or contact the mods via link in their profile so we can investigate and resolve any outstanding individual cases.