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Re: EO Line - Who to contact?

Yes, but I am not asking about if I can get fibre, I know I can't at the moment.

I am asking who to contact regarding querying when I will be able to get fibre and if there is anything I can do to speed it up.

It seems quite ridiculous and totally unacceptable there is no point of contact for Openreach any more.

If there is a problem or I have a query I can contact my local electricity distribution company or national grid for gas yet when it comes to telecoms there is no way to contact the equivalent company, Openreach...
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Re: EO Line - Who to contact?

There's a web site that lists the CEO mail addresses so you can email the CEO of Openreach
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Re: EO Line - Who to contact?

Hi tom321,


As you are on a EO exchange line then you will be best to talk to your local BDUK fibre broadband scheme (if it covers your area) or speak to your local authority to see if you can fund-raise or find funds/grants to install a solution to make fibre broadband available to you and your apartment complex.


The majority of EO lines within BDUK and other funded broadband schemes will be upgraded (if in scope of the project or scheme) with a solution to enable fibre availability to them through their local BDUK scheme, or via another local authority or local broadband project.



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