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Early cut off when recording on extra channels

I have noticed that when recording on the extra BT channels eg Sony etc that they cut off the recording in the closing minutes of the programme. Also they may start slightly late which means missing one end of the programme. Why is this?

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Re: Early cut off when recording on extra channels

The YouView box uses the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) to determine that start and end times.


BBC and ITV change the times if the programme starts early or late so that the box records a programme completely.


However, the extra channels do not all do this, and often run late. Sometimes things are OK as there are so many adverts,

but idf they often run late then you can lose the endings.


There is a feature request that it should be possible to add padding, but it seems that the YouView stance is that the EPG ought to be corrected rather than artificial extra time is added.




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Re: Early cut off when recording on extra channels



Just to expand on Richards point, the EPG is managed by the broadcaster so in effect you miss the end/start of a program because the broadcaster doesn't update the guide when they are not running to time.


It is worth emailing the channel(s) involved at their customer services desk which you can get from their web sites as if they think no one cares they are unlikely to do anything about it.





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Re: Early cut off when recording on extra channels

Many thanks to you both for your advice. I will certainly take note of future cut offs and email the broadcaster concerned. If I receive replies I shall post them here.

Again, many thanks


Dave A

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Re: Early cut off when recording on extra channels

According to Youview experts: 




The (Freeview) EPG is managed and broadcast by Digital UK who are licensed by Ofcom to provide this service.


Providing EPG data 

The EPG/schedule data is collated and a complete set of data to be carried on each of the multiplexes on the platform is published. The result is that whatever multiplex a viewer is watching they always have the latest set of schedules available via the EPG.

Digital UK handles the full suite of event descriptors listed in D-Book from basic details such as the title, synopsis and TX time of each event, to the data for clash management and series recordings for Freeview+ and Freeview+HD products.

Standard offering includes real-time response to schedule data delivery and web-portal for monitoring. Options in terms of connectivity to the collator and enhanced triggering of now/next data are also available.

The EPG can be updated several times a day or more if necessary. If the broadcaster has opted for enhanced triggering (and therefore is permanently connected to Digital UK’s systems) these triggers are updated and broadcast dynamically.

It is not mandatory for broadcasters to provide NOW/NEXT info. If the data isn’t provided then the EPG scheduled time triggers NOW/NEXT.


However ...according to Youview personal


All UK digital terrestrial (aka Freeview) broadcasters supply now and next information using a system called "EIT PF" ("Event Information Table - Present Following"). It's not optional.

And all recordings on YouView are triggered from that data - there's only one system as far as the box is concerned. However, the accuracy of those signals varies between broadcasters (acknowledged by YouView and the broadcasters)




The questions for BT are ...(1) .do all the extra channels that BT transmit use the EIT PF system ?

-(2) do BT's own channels use the EIT PF system ?

- (3) do BT Sport channels utilize enhanced triggering of now/next data?



It has proved very difficult to get a precise answer to such questions ?




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Re: Early cut off when recording on extra channels

Thanks Zulu17 for a very informative and educational reply. Never realised so much went into the timing of progrmmes.

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