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Easiest method to upgrade to fibre please

Hi newbie here but longest bt customer.
Question directed at Mod Daniel S as he seems to know his stuff and get things done.
I have bt business phone line and broadband.
For that i pay £180 per quarter.
I get average speed on adsl2 of 15 mbps but down to 3mbps when i run more than one computer.
I use supplied bt router.
I want to upgrade to fibre optic.
My postcode is bn31aj.
I recently found out my whole street has fibre active up and running etc,except for my address and 3 to 4 other neighbours.
I did some research and found im connected to cabinet p75 up the road bout 40 meters away which is not fibre enabled,therefore when i type in my postcode on bt website i have no option to upgrade as it only sees me linked to non fibre cabinet p75.
There is another cabinet called p114,a bit nearer at the end of my street,which is fibre enabled and connected to all my neighbours addresses.
What is the easiest way to connect to fttc cabinet p114?
I tried calling bt sales to cancel my line and get another line but she said theres no guarantee i would have new line connected to closer fttp cabinet.
I must keep my same phone number,my business relies on it for past 40 phone number is also connected to bt redcare so i dont want that disrupted.
Maybe i have to order another secondary phone line so that one can be connected to cabinet p114?
But i cant afford any additional overheads we are only small business.
I read on a forum that an openreach engineer can goto my exchange (less than half mile away) and change my line from old cabinet 75 to new and nearer cabinet 114.
I find it unfair that because im a business address i cannot be offered a phone and broadband package and have to run each separately which costs too much,and im not getting the service im paying for and bt have told me they are increasing their prices soon.
Any help appreciated thanks clive.
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Re: Easiest method to upgrade to fibre please

Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum

As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at

Nobody on this forum would be able to help with business connections.



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