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Re: Eco Mode. Did you realise?

Nothing new, since my original post really.

There does appear to be some confusion regarding setting up a recording in High Eco mode when using the YouView 'app' on your smart phone and setting up a recoding in in high Eco mode on the box.


My concern, apart from the cost, planet saving etc is, if using using Low mode and a program comes on when watching TV and you thought, 'I could switch on the YV box and record it', you'd miss the first few minutes, waiting for the box to switch on and setting up the recording.


There is also the hypocrisy of BT extolling the power save mode of Hub 3, as a means of saving the planet and each YV box wasting 166KWh a year.


The Sky box, uses around 0.5W and comes on instantly, what the hell does the YV box do for 2 minutes, my PC manages to boot in half that time.


The Sky box also has a red light that tells tells you when it's recording, which is reassuring when you think, did I set it up to record this programme?


Don't try talking to BT YV tech support, they're useless, if it's not on their screen they don't have a clue.  In the end they will advise you to ring the Humax 0844 rip off number. Only for Humax to tell you, you got it from BT, ring them.

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Re: Eco Mode. Did you realise?

Here's a thought. Why not have a feature whereby you can programme the box to switch between high and lo eco mode at different times. E.g. as a first strategy I would go for longer power up and no app programming at night when I am asleep, and have low eco and app support in the afternoon when I am out and about and want to set a recording remotely. Not perfect, but better than low eco 24/7.
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Re: Eco Mode. Did you realise?

Also dont forget the Sky box uses 50Watts in use, compared to a total max off 22Watts if your Youview box is on total max out. 


On+2recordings+VOD player=22W

On viewing+recording 1 other item=21W

On just viewing=20W

Low eco mode+RF loop through standby=18W

Low eco mode standby=15W

High eco mode+RF loop through standby=4W

High eco mode standby=less than 1W

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Re: Eco Mode. Did you realise?

@Noelect wrote:


 I use the LOW Eco Mode, as I expect most of you do.  After all who would want to wait 2 minutes fro the box to come out of standby?


But have you considered the consequencies of choosing this option?


At 19W, that's what the book says, the box consumes getting on for half a KWh per day, or 166KWh per year.  At say 14p per KWh that's £23 a year, just to keep a set top box in standby.



Stumbled across this thread when trying to figure out the difference between low & high ECO modes.


Do the power consumption figures given (e.g. 19W on low standby mode) refer to the amount of power consumed per hour because it doesn't acyually say that? Could it be a minute/hour/day/year?


@Assuming Noelect is correct then @ apporx 17 pence per unit its now £28.20 + VAT @ 5% = £29.60 per year to run in standby mode. Not going to bankrupt me but I find that quite a shock!


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Re: Eco Mode. Did you realise?

Its using 19 Watts period - it only is time-mensurated when you calculate cost in say Kw Hrs .... so in an hour its consumption would be .019 Kwh
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Re: Eco Mode. Did you realise?

Thought I'd try the High Eco mode as there's clearly some saving but as I've got mobile devices linked it wouldn't let me.


Might unlink them I try later.

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Re: Eco Mode. Did you realise?

I don't know about new Sky+ boxes but old ones used to use over 20 watts all the time day or night and x 10 Million of them that about equals one power station.


Well done Sky...


EU Regulations insist that any new device must have a standby mode that uses less than 0.5w (reduced a while back from 1w).


As a rule of thumb you can say for every 1 watt load you have on all the time will cost you at least £1.00 a year.