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Email Account Window

Before BT changes the Email page format it was possible to see "ALL" My Account and subfolders viewed vertically.

Now the My Account Window has been reduced in size such that only a few subfolders can be viewed & there is a need to scroll down using the cursor.

The My folder window only occupies half the vertical page where the lower half of this window is "BLANK" what a waste & bad design.

Can we put it back to the original design which was much better?

Or is there a way to increase the vertical space used by the My Account Window?

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Re: Email Account Window

There would appear to be no way to turn back to the "old" style.

The blank space you are seeing is actually an advert which must be getting blocked by your browser so it appears to you to be a blank space.

The best option is to use an email client such as Thunderbird or Outlook. That way you will get no adverts and you can set it up to access as many email accounts you want and you will be able to vie and set up your folders in the same way as they are on webmail.

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