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Email Draft edit TO: field issue

New BT email "upgraded" from BT Yahoo. Web Browser

Editing a email that has been automatically saved as a draft, the To: field loses all of its entries once editing comences.

Web browser used is Firefox.

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Re: Email Draft edit TO: field issue

Hi @jetk thanks for your feedback, I'll highlight this point to the email team as they are continuously looking to improve the service provided on the new email platform. 

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Re: Email Draft edit TO: field issue

Think it occured due to the format of the address. Although copied from another email the format of them made them invalid. The addresses saved ok to the draft folder, but when reopened the TO: field was deleted.  Hope that helps. Address format error<>.



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Re: Email Draft edit TO: field issue

Hi @jetk I've had word back from the email team. By default the address shown is the “From address”, and the“To List” is compressed and not visible without clicking on the Person icon. Can you try clicking on the little person below the from address as the "To" addresses should still be in there?



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Re: Email Draft edit TO: field issue

Thanks for the response.

The TO: field once opened  from draft mode is empty.

The confusion occurs when email addresses are copied into the compose email TO: field that have a format of " fred bloogs<>". When the draft email is saved and exited the TO: field contains " fred bloogs<>" address.

Going to the draft email folder the TO: field shows the " fred bloogs<>", however, on opening the draft the TO: field is cleared of the entry. It is possible to observe the TO: field being cleared when there 20 entries of this format in the TO: field.

If the address is of an incorrect format, would it be possible to clear the field when saving to draft rather than when it is opened to be edited?

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