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Email/Log In Password Help

Posting on behalf of my 72 yr old father in law - who is at his wits end.


He uses Windows Live Mail as a client,which (since last Monday/Tuesday) wont connect to BT Mail to download his email. He then went to BT Email online login, and received the message his password was invalid, and his account may have been compromised - so had to recheck his account details and change his password - which he has now done around a dozen times.


All to no avail. Windows Live Mail aside, and just using the web site, he is constantly advised to change his password, wait 2 minutes for the servers to update, then login. And repeat....


The odd thing is, if he changes his password, which isn't accepted as an email password login, when he changes his password he has to enter his old (unaccepted) password which works.


He has been in touch with online BT help, which reset his password. This worked once, at the time of reset, so he decided to 'test the system'. He logged out, logged in and again it wouldn't work. We have tried this on different systems miles apart from each other in case his PC had an issue, and still have the same problem.


Anyone any please!?!?

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Re: Email/Log In Password Help

Is he using BTYahoo email system or BTMail system.


If you are not sure you can check using this link


Just a basic check:- When he changed his password via webmail did he remember to change it on Windows Live Mail?


For the moment don't use WLM until he can log on with out problem via webmail.


If he is using BTMail can he try logging on here


If he is using BTYhoo can he try logging on here


If they don't work can he try using his "old" password.


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Re: Email/Log In Password Help

I'm in exactly the same boat. Spoke to a live chat agent last night and she gave me a temporary password which let me in and I was able to set a password of my own. Email working fine on my phone and ipad but when I tried logging into webmail I get the same message as your Dad. I can log in using the link to yahoo above but not via the usual route on the BT homepage. The chat agent was clearly unaware of any issues but there obviously are problems at BT'S end
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Re: Email/Log In Password Help

This ihas been the subject of an earlier thread and, after being referred to a mod, the official BT response appears to be that '...... it's likely to have been due to a corrupt email being received into your inbox. If the email contained a malware virus a standard virus scan won't pick this up.' In my particular case I didn't have any emails in my inbox so that can't possibly have been the problem but the response to that has been absolutlely zero. I think this is code for 'we don't know what's wrong so it might be a virus' which, as it appears to be happening to an increasing number of people you would hope might sound some alarm bells, but then again, probably not. My suggestion, for what it's worth, is to migrate away from BT mail as quickly as you can

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