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Email Page

Your Customer Service priorities need seriously addressing 

You have changed your email page set up which at best is not user friend and  at worst its antiquated and not fit for purpose (no spell check a basic tool)


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Re: Email Page

The spell check is built into your browser. If it is not turned on you will need to go into the browsers settings.

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Re: Email Page

I have struggled with the new layout ever since it arrived and but for the bother of changing my email address would have left BT long since . There would be no complaint if it was better, but it's not. Among its deficiencies are that when I go to my address book, usualyy the Select purple button at foot of names is not visible unless I reduce the size of the screen. Same problem with Send. And the unnecessarily large space between each contact.

Setting up a new contact is a nightmare. It might be a bit easier if the boxes (and this is a universal failing) were made less faint. Why, when a new contact's email is on screen can it not automatically loaded as Add as new contact.

The constant need to enlarge the RH panel so as to see all, or as much content as possible.

The only benefit is that messages are no longer auto- ticked for deletion.

Does BT take any notice of complaints? I cannot be the only one singled out for special treatment so it's high time we had an answer from BT about these irritating problems which maybe would not have arisen had BT first tested their system in a beta version.




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Re: Email Page

To add a new contact who has emailed you, open the email and hover your mouse over the contacts email address. This should produce a + sign at the right hand side of the email address. Click on the email address and you will be given a option to create a new contact or add to an existing contact.

It is not done automatically by the system because any spam emails or emails that you do not want would be added automatically to your contacts.

Select which you want and a new contacts box will open. The email address will be added and you will need to complete the contacts name etc. Once you have entered the details click on the save button at the top of the box.

To add an new contact select "contacts" from the menu bar. This will open your contacts. Select "New" at the top of the list. This will open a new contact box which you can insert details. Once done select "save" from the menu bar at the top of the box.

Regarding the RH panel. You can change the view so that you do not have a preview pane  on the right or below. Go to "Change view" which is found in the menu bar at the right hand side above the list of emails.


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