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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Email Picture Icon

Delete the Yahoo email app and just use the generic email app that came with your phone or search for another email app.



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Re: Email Picture Icon

You can remove the avatar but I can't find a way to replace it?

1. Open BT Yahoo email account - Log in as normal
2. Open your 'Sent Items'
3. Select an email you have REPLIED to
4. Your account info will appear in the right hand column
5. Right click on the account avatar - Select 'View Image Info'
6. Page Info box will appear - select 'Media' tab
7. Work down the 'Address' list by left clicking on each *.jpg (The *.jpg will be visible in the 'Media Preview' box)
8. When you find the avatar you wish to remove put a tick in 'Block Image from......'
9. You may find more than one image of your avatar. Only block the avatar image you wish to remove.
10. Log out - Log back in to BT Yahoo mail.

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