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Email Security and Encryption


The BT Customer Help page on email settings, here:,412,414

gives the security and port settings [in Advanced Settings] as:

Incoming Mail:  Port 110, encryption - none.
Outgoing Mail:  Port  25, encryption - none.

BT customers should be aware that these connections are completely insecure.  Anyone intercepting messages sent across the Internet will be able to read them.

Instead, customers should reset their port and encryption settings as follows:

Incoming Mail:  Port 995, encryption - SSL  [Secure Sockets Layer].
Outgoing Mail:  Port 465, encryption - SSL.

The BT Customer Help page should be altered correspondingly to advertise this facility.  At the moment it gives no indication that the secure option exists.  I hope and expect that the same facility will exist after BT's changeover from Yahoo to Critical Path, particularly given the recent problems with compromised BT email accounts.

In view of the Government's avowed desire to monitor all internet communications and activities as it wishes, I hope there is no hidden agenda here on the part of BT!

Finally, I would advise everyone who uses e-mail to find out about and use the message encryption facilities available in Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail, and available as a GnuPG plugin to Thunderbird, for those communications which they would wish to remain totally private.


J M Ward

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Re: Email Security and Encryption

Governments can break most if not all encryptions that I know of the only issue for them is the time it takes to break them.

And you can bet that BT 100% are already helping them, I wouldn't worry about it as they normally don't care about the average Joe and will even ignore most low level crime because they can't deal with the shear amount of bad people there are.

Encryption is good to use though to stop the average hacker/s from stealing stuff from the many points your info may pass through on the net.



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