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Email account constantly being blocked

Several of my email accounts on my BT account are being blocked. This happened back in August and has now happened several times in the past few weeks on several different accounts.

     Phoning BT there is no explanation as to why they are being blocked. I have strong security and strong intense passwords so this is annoying. I shall transfer all mail to Gmail not use BT Yahoo mail and seek a refund for lack of not being able to use part of the service I'm paying for. Or don't receive an explanation as to why I have to constantly reset email passwords all the time



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Re: Email account constantly being blocked

I would transfer to gmail and forget bt yahoo email - make life a lot easier.  as email is free to bt account holders there will be no refund

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Re: Email account constantly being blocked

Hi yes I have already duplicated some accounts over to Gmail. It's notifying all contacts of change of email that's the time consuming part

  Saying that though Gmail locked me out of an account the other week and that was far harder to get back in despite having numerous verification and recovery set ups


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