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Email account

At least once a day, when I log into my BT email account, a page comes up Managing your emails.  It talks of having different email addresses, choosing which folder to open when I log in ... and says my email address is locked!  I then have to tick the box 'Unlock'.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  I have only ever had one email address - there is nothing to manage.  This is so irritating.  Why does it keep locking my email address, requiring me to unlock it?  I thought I posted about this a couple of weeks ago, but can't find it.

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Re: Email account

Regarding having previously posted about this. If you click on your user name and go into your profile it will bring up a list of all your previous posts. You will see that your last post was about a year ago.

It appears that you are on the BTYahoo email system. I am on the BTMail system so can not give first hand guidance which some of the other forum users may be able to do but have you tried logging onto your MyBT and going to Manage Extras then email and see if there are options there for you to manage the email account and set it up to prevent getting the messages.

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Re: Email account

I'm still on BTYahoo, never seen anything like this.

@Sable  How are you logging in to your mail, are you using webmail or a mail client. What happens if you login here

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Re: Email account

I will try that, thank you.  

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Re: Email account

Forgot to say - Yes, I think I must have typed out the post .... but then forgotten to press the Post button - just shows how this email problem  has affected me.Smiley LOL

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Re: Email account

I am using Webmail.  It was fine when I pressed on your link ... but five minutes ago when I attempted to log into my email account I got the response I was complaining about.  

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Re: Email account


I raised this issue about 6 weeks ago. I had a response from BT people, but since the locking was not a hacking attempt, i stated that it was not a priority for myself.

I am glad you have posted - i get the locking e-mail nearly every day. I am using Linux operating system.



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Re: Email account

I'm pleased it doesn't irritate you like it has me - I have felt like just deleting my account (or throwing my bt account from an upstairs window!). What I find equally irritating is the Chat option on BT which - to me - is absolutely useless. I am also tired of speaking to someone in India whose accent I can't understand. Rant over.
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