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Email addresses

As we cannot use disposable addresses to send emails from next month, I have set up 4 additional B.T. addresses.
When I log in to my computer my start up page goes to B.T. logon page for my main B.T address (which I have previously set up).  I can logon to a page where I can switch from my 5 email addresses easily (they are in a drop down menu). However I cannot get this to load 'directly'. I have to go to My B.T. logon, wait whilst this page downloads then go to the email page. I have tried changing my start up page via my computer but it isn't working. Any suggestions very welcome please.

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Re: Email addresses

Don't use webmail, use the right tool for the job, a mail client such as Thunderbird or Claws mail.

All the accounts are in one place, you don't have to log in each time as the client does that for you as soon as it is opened. It automatically checks for mail at pre-determined intervals, there are no adverts and trackers involved etc etc

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Re: Email addresses

Do you mean you want a short cut that takes you to the email log on page shown in the link below.$SM$

If you do you can set up a short cut on your desktop or if you going into your browser settings you can add it as a start up page when the browser opens.

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