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Email changes for BTSport/BTMobile/BTShop/BTthis/BTthat

I recently changed my BTID and password, because of the Yahoo business, and after a couple of hiccups got my emails working fine on both webmail and my email client, Outlook. This BTID is my email address.

My original BTID was a legacy email address i had before i obtained my BT email address.

I am trying to dump this original email address into oblivion, but i am still receiving emails from "" for Sport/Mobile/Shop etc. into this original address.

I don't mind receiving these types of emails, but how do i divert them to my address. ?

Hope you can help.

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Re: Email changes for BTSport/BTMobile/BTShop/BTthis/BTthat

I have exactly the same problem.


I changed my BT ID ( to a different email address) but the BT services informational emails for BT Sport, BT Store, BT TV, BT Shop, BT Mobile, etc, all still go to the original email address. As far as I can see there is no obvious way to change the delivery address for these BT services emails via MyBT.  


You can unsubscribe from different types of service email by following the link at the bottom of the emails. It suggests you re-subscribe using the new address but gives no clear info on how to do this. One unsubscribe page also gives a link to re-subscribe with a different address but it's just a duff link to the standard "contact BT to report a problem" page.

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