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Email 'go missing' with no bounce message


BT supplies my broadband but another company hosts my domain and provides email services.

I use outlook as a mail client to a number of mail boxes including my domain, gmail and gmx.

A very small percentage of the emails I send from my domain go missing by which I mean

  • I send via outlook
  • They appear in the outlook sent mail
  • They are never seen by the recipient.
  • There is no bounce message

My Domain ISP has checked logs at his end and says he can find no record of the emails in his system or having been rejected by his system.

Also, yesterday an email sent via a gmail address never arrived at the recipients mail box and I received no bounce message.

Since the emails have, AFAIK, only travelled via BT to the mail servers, I wondered if BT did any traffic filtering. Seems unlikely but I thought I'd ask.



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Re: Email 'go missing' with no bounce message

Hi Rincewindwiz,

Did you ever find a solution to this?  It sounds very similar to what has happened to me and started around the same time.  I use Apple's Mail software on my Mac and I'm getting the same problem of undelivered emails but with a bounce message delivered months later.

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