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Email password nightmare--at the end of my tether

My problems began in February of this year (2013) when I realised that I had not received any incoming email via MacMail for a couple of hours. When I attempted to log into my account via webmail, I was redirected to a BT Yahoo page stating that "suspicious activity" had been detected on my account and that I needed to change my password, which I duly did.


About 3 days later, the same thing happened. Then it happened again. And again. And again. When I contacted BT, I was told that the server had been infected by a virus and that the problem would not happen again.


Some time later, it happened again. And then again. And again. When I contact BT again, the helpdesk could not help me resolve the issue and finished the call by saying, "I promise you, that this will NEVER happen again! I promise!"


Well, it did. And then again. And again. And then some more. I made a third call at the end of April and was told--yet again--that the problem should not re-occur. Since mid-April, I have kept my Password Change confirmation emails from BT to keep a log of how often I have been required to change my password. 


The dates are as follows:

11 April

27 April

18 May

28 May

31 May

2 July

10 July

24 July

28 July

30 July


This EXCLUDES the dozen (give or take) times I have had to alter my password since February.


This issue is driving me INSANE. Not only do I have to keep creating and remembering new passwords, it also means I have to change the password on all my other devices. To say nothing of the problems this issue has caused me over the course of a working day. As I primarlily use MacMail, I have sometimes been unaware for hours that people are attempting to contact me via email or sending me documents. 


WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING? During one of the calls, the member of staff launched a programme that allowed them to access my computer. She did the following: went onto my home webpage. Changed my password. Successfully logged into my account. Logged out and then instructed me TO CREATE MY OWN NEW PASSWORD.


The staff at the helpdesk do not seem to understand what the nature of my complaint is, let alone solve it. 


After being a BT internet customer for almost 20 years, I am ready to call it a day with them. The customer service has been more than hopeless at dealing with this problem.


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Re: Email password nightmare--at the end of my tether

this has been a problem for a while and there are many posts   here is one of them


bt are moving from yahoo and starting BT email supposed to be by end of summer so hopefully taht will solve the password problem for good

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Re: Email password nightmare--at the end of my tether

Thank you for your reply.

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