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Email pending deletion

A disabled adult with aspergers and dyslexia and have trouble managing my post and do moat things by email. All of a sudden I couldn't access premium mail which I thoight I was paying £5 a month for via bt email and started several conversations and emails then complaints with BT. Found out eventually that they never took payment since Aug 2012 but I still got an email this may saying I would be charged 5 per month. I assumed it was all still being paid due to not changing banks or cancelling any direct debit because I have help managing my money / paperwork due to above disabilities. I'm getting nowhere. BT still say via India call centre which I don't understand what they r saying that it's basically tough luck and I'm in for deletion. I don't even care if there is a backpayment it is imperative that I jeep my email as ot has all my gp letters hospital letters and other seriously important emails and I haven't as clue how to move. Any help greatly appreciated please
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Re: Email pending deletion

Hi @Citygirlrockchick,


That is rather strange as it's normal practice to chase for any outstanding amounts especially if we didn't receive any payment in the time you mentioned. It's something that we can certainly look into for you. I can't promise that we can get it back but we'll do everything within our power to help. You can reach us by clicking on my user name and then on contact the mods. It'll take us a few working days to pick it up but we will be back in touch.