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Email re broadband upgrade

I received a message advising of work being carried out on 19/8/11 in my area and that my internet may be affected if using it while this work is being carried out.  Query is will this affect both my home and business broadband lines or home line only - cant get through to helpline, they cut me off when trying to explain the above!!  Anyone got any idea?  As I work from home I would appreciate any info so I can advise my employer if my business connection is likely to be lost etc.





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Re: Email re broadband upgrade

Hi Fiona
First question have you recieved the same email on both broadband accounts if you have then yes if not then it will currently affect only the line you received
As to notifiying your employer I personally would not worry the loss of service is about 10 minuetes it can happen at any time during the24 hour period even though your exchange is upgraded to the 21 cn network your lines may not be as they are changed over in batches which can take from a free weeksto afew months the only way to find out is to check your. Hub stats and look at themodulation figure it should read after upgrade is 992.5 until that point your line will nothave been upgraded
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