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Email screen

I usually use my email on my Mac (trying to solve a problem there as it's stopped working) however, I've been trying to use it via the internet to solve any other problems. 

I can get onto BT no problem but as soon as I try to get into my emails/mail I put the email address and password in and then all I get is a white screen.  This is quite frustrating.

The internet I use is Safari but I have had this problem at work using either Chrome or IE.

Advice please.  Thanks 

PS:  I also had some scammers yesterday trying to tell me that if I didn't let them have access to my computer they were going to disconnect my BT services - he claimed he was from BT Internet Security.  I explained that I wasn't with BT for my landline but was with Sky.  I said I would give Sky a call to see if they were aware of any of the problems he was saying but then he just hung up.  Just thought I would let you know.

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Re: Email screen

Hi @NikiB13,

Have you been trying to log into your email address at the following page BT Emails?



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