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Email server settings changed?

Hi,  I wonder if anyone can assist?


I recently setup a friends laptop (About 2 months ago) and with that, setup their BT email within Outlook. Originally, I had issues trying to set it up in Outlook using the suggested IMAP settings on the BT website, so a workaround for this was that I setup her emails using the Microsoft build in email app, which automatically populates the correct settings. I then copied them over to Outlook and everything worked perfect.

However, since the 5th of November, both her Outlook and iPhone have stopped sending/receiving emails. I believe her iPhone will receive them, but wont send. She can access her mail via the BT website, which is why I'm leaning more to a server setting issue? She does have BT broadband, which should fall under the "Standard account" and should allow the use of 3rd party apps like Outlook?


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Re: Email server settings changed?

Check that her email account was set up on her current BT Broadband package and was not set up on a previous BT Broadband package or was a sub account from another BT Broadband package.

If she can go into her MyBT and check "My Products" then "Mail, manage" she should be able to see if the email account is showing as active and its status.

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Re: Email server settings changed?

Thanks for your reply. She has recently renewed her BT contract, so I wonder if that has had an effect as what you suggested? I will forward what you have suggested and see how we get on.

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Re: Email server settings changed?

Just to clarify, when I say current broadband package what I mean is that she did not have the email account set up on a previous BT Broadband package then left BT to a different supplier and then later returned and started a new BT  Broadband package.

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Re: Email server settings changed?

Ah I see. As far as I'm aware, that isn't the case. She has been with BT for a few years and has recently renewed her contract with them.  I'm assuming as long as she took out broadband with BT, then nothing should change in theory?

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Re: Email server settings changed?

Nothing changes if she has been a continuous customer.

If the email account had been set up on a BT broadband account and she subsequently left BT for another supplier and then returned to BT at a later date and started a "new" BT Broadband account,  if she did not associate her email account to her "new" BT Broadband account it would be seen to be part of the "old" broadband account which is now closed. 

This would trigger her email account being an "orphan" and not belonging to a BT Broadband customer and as such it would be downgraded to the free "BT Basic" email, which does not allow the email to be accessed with email clients/apps.

This would also apply if the email account was a sub account of a BT Broadband account that has been closed.

This often happens if a parent set up the email account for a child on their broadband. When the child moves out and get their own broadband and the parent stops their BT Broadband for what ever reason, the child's email account get downgraded. 

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Re: Email server settings changed?

Ok, so there is apparently only 1 email address listed and it is displaying as "Active".

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Re: Email server settings changed?

What does the account type show. It can be found below the title "Manage Your Email " at the top of that page?

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Re: Email server settings changed?

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Re: Email server settings changed?

Under Manage your email it says:

Manage or delete the BT mail email address you've been given by the account holder.

Want full control of your email? Move to BT Premium Mail"


It does say that "You have not selected your favourite email address" under active email addresses. I don't think this would be an issue?

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