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Email suddenly disappeared from Bt yahoo

Hi there

My daughters email address suddenly became invalid (username & password not recognised). I had to create a new one in my sub accounts at bt yahoo. I waited a day and tried to create her old email address again to no avail.

My questions is....

1, Why did this happen ?

2. Could BT have sold the email address ?

3. How come speaking to anyone at BT is very difficult ?

4 . Why do I stay with a company that I cannot trust to handle my email addresses ? (rhetorical)

5. .The help pages at BT are effin useless...that wasn't a question.... more of a statement.

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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: Email suddenly disappeared from Bt yahoo

I am not sure you can create any new sub accounts on BT Yahoo at the moment, as BT Yahoo is being discontinued and repaced by BT Mail. All accounts will be moved over in the next few months.


Have you tried logging in here  BT e-mail Login


Provided that her e-mail account has been in regular use, then it would not have been deleted.


If you would like to try Live Chat they should be able to help you.

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Distinguished Guru
Distinguished Guru
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Re: Email suddenly disappeared from Bt yahoo

From personal experience something does seem to be going awry with  email subaccounts at the moment


It is probably worth having a shot at going via Live Chat as Keith suggested.

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