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Email using two different passwords to log in, help

I've been with BT for more than ten years and had an email account for a similar amount of time, so lived through the whole BTYahoo business. When I log into my BT account I have noticed that my email address is not properly linked to my bt account. When I click on email it tells me I am using 0 of 11 email addresses. However if I log out and log in to webmail using the exact same password I see my emails.


The issue comes with pop3/imap not accepting this password. The pop3/imap only accepts the previous password. How do I resolve this?


I spoke to someone on chat who called me and then wanted to reset my password - from a security standpoint I thought a third party shouldn't do that for you - anyway I can reset it myself and it doesn't solve my issue of my new password not resolving across all of BT's servers.


I got two calls this morning from people claiming to be from BT, I don't know if they are BT or not but I've been getting a lot of spam fishing calls claiming to be from BT and that there are issues with my broadband which means I'll get cut off (when I told them I connected through a vpn for work, they claimed there were issues with my vpn connection!). Not happened yet. So I'm suspcious which is why I told them to call my mobile. Just had another call claiming to be from BT, yet again calling the landline. I told this one to call my mobile, they should have it on file and I called BT yet again and the person said they would email across the number - so no reason whatsoever to call the landline.


Can anyone help? I don't really want to give out information on the landline to people who may not be from BT. Is there an email address I can use. There is clearly something wrong with bt's servers if I'm connecting to the same account with two passwords.

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