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Emails not being received for last 3 days

For the last 3 days my long-established BT email account has not been receiving emails, and I've checked by sending test emails myself. I am able to send emails from that address, though.

Additionally, I have only just registered with this community forum and the verification email for my registering WAS received/was able to get through, which I found odd.

I have checked, in case the account had been compromised, and there are no forwarding addresses set up on the account.

I received a pop-up notification about changes in terms and conditions recently, as well as by email, and I wasn't sure if that was connected?

(As background, I have had a BT internet account for many years, and recently stopped my broadband package meaning my email was transferred to being 'basic web-based email'. I contacted BT by phone to check I would still be able to use the service and they confirmed I would although the account was set up so long ago that it took a while to find it.)

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Re: Emails not being received for last 3 days

How are you accessing your email.

If you are no longer a BT Broadband customer and you email account has been "downgraded" to the "Basic" email it means that you can not use an email client/app. You can only use the email account using webmail (On a web browser).

See link.

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Re: Emails not being received for last 3 days

Hi - and thanks for your swift response.

That was my understanding, yes - when I spoke to BT they advised me that I'd have to use their web-based email so I stopped using an app to access my emails and have been using a web browser for several months. Earlier today, in an effort to see if it was something like that, I adapted my work-email 'Outlook' to include my BT email as a second profile and the outlook inbox is exactly the same as the web-mail inbox, with emails received until Thursday afternoon then nothing being received since then, apart from the recent verification email from this BT community forum and the notification of your reply (which I can't understand, i.e why they're coming through but nothing else)

Thanks again for your quick reply.


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Re: Emails not being received for last 3 days

Is the problem that you are not receiving emails on Outlook or because you are not receiving emails on you webmail?


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Re: Emails not being received for last 3 days


The problem is that I'm not receiving emails via any platform. Since downgrading to 'basic' I have been using a web browser to access my inbox by logging into btmail, as I understood that would be the only way to use the email.

I can get to the inbox, my log-on is still ok, but no new emails have been picked up since Thursday and I know some have been sent as I sent at least one myself as a test.

Sorry if my initial description was unclear; I only tried adding it to Outlook in a bid to see if there was any difference and there isn't - Outlook displays exactly the same inbox contents as the web-based version.

Thanks again for your time and support.

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Re: Emails not being received for last 3 days

I know you had the problem before you created the account in Outlook but just to ensure it doesn't cause any other problems and to rule it out can you remove the email account from Outlook.

Can you try a different browser for test purposes.

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Re: Emails not being received for last 3 days


As suggested, I have now removed my btinternet email address from outlook, although after deleting the email account in outlook on my smartphone, before I finally managed to remove it entirely (which involved uninstalling Outlook on my smartphone then re-installing it!) I could see that there were other emails as well as the notification from this forum that started coming through,  'backdated' from about 5pm today.

That said, there's nothing from Thursday around that time until around 5pm today, so it seems like possibly emails received during that time are lost/undelivered for some reason.

I say that because I did send a test email through on Friday which still hasn't showed up, although re-sending it now, it has been delivered

I'm going to tentatively suggest that maybe the issue is resolved, but would be grateful if I could keep this thread 'live' for a few days, whilst I see how it goes.

Thanks once more for your support and advice- hopefully the service is working successfully. 

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Re: Emails not being received for last 3 days

It seems to be some progress. You may find that the "lost" emails will filter through at some point if they are still on the BT servers.

The thread will not be closed. It is marked as solved by you so when/if you feel the problem has been resolved just mark it as such. It will not lock the thread so you can return to it at anytime.

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Re: Emails not being received for last 3 days

Thanks, that's great to know, and thanks once more for your help.

I've no idea if it was a hiccup at the server end, settings at my end, or something else entirely.

I will keep an eye on it, and probably send test emails periodically if only as reassurance!


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